Frequently Asked Questions about buying a Whole/Half or Quarter of Beef

Q: How much freezer space does 1/4 of beef take?
A: About 4 cu feet

Q: How much meat are we talking about?
A:You are buying 1/4 of the entire beef based on its hanging weight at the butcher. A typical 1200 pound steer will have a butchers hanging weight of about 750 lbs. in which after processing should yield about 90-110 pounds of finished meat per quarter.

Q: How is the meat cut?
Here is one way to have a quarter cut up (quantities may vary):
4-6 Porterhouses
6-8 Ribeye Steaks (or 1 Rib Roast)
4 Sirloins
3-4 chuck roasts
2 arm roasts
1 rump roast
1 Tip Roast
1 Brisket
50 ish pounds of hamburger. Which can be packaged in 1, 2 or 5lb chubs, and/or 1/3lb Pattie’s.
If there is a cut or roast you really enjoy we can put a request in for that.
There are also liver, heart, tongue, eyes, oxtail, soup bones available if desired. Soup bones are our favorite.

Q: How is it priced and how do I pay?
A: You pay $3.00/pound for 25% of the hanging weight at the time of butcher and you pay the butchers processing fee of $160/quarter. So with todays prices that amounts to approximately $725 per quarter.

Q: How do I get my meat?
A: We can deliver or you can pick up at the Roseburg Event Center (2983 W 38th St Marion, In 46953)

Q: How do I pay?
A: You can pay by cash, check or card at time of delivery or pick up.

Q: Where are the cows raised?
A: Our cows are raised on our families farm right east of Marion on SR 18 across from Hanfield Church.

Q: Where are the cows butchered?
A: We use a family owned butcher outside of Logansport, Indiana.

Q: What are the cows fed?
A: Our cows are pasture raised in the summer months, grass and alfalfa hay bales in the winter months, 3 months prior to butchering, they are given a grain feed ration of non gmo sunflower meal and barley mixed with cracked field corn and soybean meal.

Q: Are the cows ever vaccinated?
A: Yes, when they are 1 month old a Vetrenarian comes to farm. This vaccination protects them and the herd from various sicknesses.

We hope this gives you a little more information about what you are buying and where you are buying from. If you have more questions please give Derek a call at 765 669-0368.